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So I realize that I've been neglecting my own journal for a long period.
I think I'm gonna use it as a pimping media to pimped put my creative works.
Kinda too late about that my hell it's better than never :D

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Life has been better lately.

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Writer's Block: Over the top
Who would you consider the most overrated musician, and why?

JYJ and Yoshiki. Like... dear God... Stop them.

WTF!! it's storming!!
Damn... I just witnessed the worst rain I've ever seen in my life.

I mean, it's storming offside!!

Trees are falling on cars and houses, and I heard people got whipped away while riding their motorcycle.

The news even said that some Twister appear and whack the soekarno hatta airport and screwed the whole flight schedule.

That's why you shouldn't mess with the nature mama, she'll whack your ass, that's for sure.

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Maunya apa sih??
Ini satu lagi hal lucu / aneh yg gw temuin di Melawai. Surga belanja Jakarta kita.
Ternyata tukang jual baju ikut kena sindrom Sinetron, makin ajaib judulnya makin laku dijual.

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sebenernya ada yg laen, cuma gw ga berhasil ambil gambarnya krn ngumpet-ngumpet motonya (soalnya kalo motonya terang2an ntar gw disuruh beli lagi :p )

yg kehalangan bapak2 itu tulisannya harga selingkuh, trus ada juga harga jomblo.
Dan gw heran, kenapa ga ada harga poliandri ya?
Dan kenapa namanya mesti sebutan dari suatu hubungan yang GAGAL TOTAL?? Can someone explain?
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X Japan upcoming live
They're coming!! THEY. ARE.REALLY. COMING!!!!

X JAPAN is coming..... to france.
its says X JAPAN will perform in France on November 22nd, 2008. The concert will take place at the venue Bercy in Paris.
And i feel like banging my head to my sweet solid bedroom wall.
Sure Yoshiki, go spoiled you gaijin fans and bang some concert there.
while us, your loyal asian fans, like me, had to weep.
there's no way i can flew halfway across the world to watch X Japan Live (and for a moment, the thought of stealing my bosses vehicle would be a splendid idea, i mean...steal and sale, thats not so hard right?)

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so wrong
perhatian perhatian!!

one of the most amusing thing that caught my attention when i'm having a quiet dinner alone at KFC Bulungan...
all hails to the WRONG-ers!!

buat mas mas dan mbak mbak menejer yg kerja di kentaki...tolong diingat yah kalo tempat kerja anda merupakan franchise fastfood terkemuka di dunia... drpd diketawain (seperti skrg), mending diralat deh itu tulisan.
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Cat Station Minister
Can you believe this?? Japan is truly an awesome country!!
Its an old news anyway, but hey...Check this out!!

They actually made a cat named TAMA as a stationmaster at Kishi Station Wakayama Electric Railway. 
Wearing a cute mini stationmaster cap, he's making sure everything's in control at the Kishi Station.
The chubby whitebrown cat is now the main atraction of the city.

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Who's Your Favorite Drummer?
choose your favorite drummer!!


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